Masking and stenciling

Masking and stenciling
If using masking techniques (with, say, masking tape) or stenciling after an initial coat, always wait 20 minutes before adding masking or a stencil to make sure the paint is dry enough not to be pulled away on removal.
Masking can sometimes create lines where paint has built up against the edge of the mask: again wait 20 minutes so as not to pull that build-up away on removal of the stencil/mask.
Leave for at least 2 hours to dry, and remove excess colour coat by rubbing down with a soft cloth.

Masking difficult areas
Sometimes masking small or intricate areas (such as head badges) can be tricky. When simple masking tape can’t be used, there are alternatives. Thick grease can work really well, as it acts as a barrier between the surface and the paint. We’ve also experimented with margarine and even toothpaste with great results.

Jetnikoff Spray to Order by Squid Bikes
Torn Tape. Chris paints a three color fade with Spray.Bike, masks with torn tape and then paints a two color fade top coat.

Masking and stenciling in Spray.Bike X Rise TV X VCA

Unmasking by Squid Bikes