DIY Full Bike Wraps

BunnyHops Full Wrap Range.

Bike wraps are cheaper and than a paint job. They protect your bike from chips and scuffs, which preserve the bikes value. Plus you can go back to your original paint job whenever you like, and underneath the vinyl, your bike will be as pristine as when you first wrapped it.

Our Full Wrap Range. If you are local, we can also offer you an install service (additional cost:) These retail for $250 AUD, and you will also recieve down tube decals included and an install kit (knife, squeegee and a paper ruler for easier measuring :)

We would love your feedback and photos, so we can further develop the range.

Let us know which design you would like from our shop, and what you ride so we can size them accordingly, and we will be in touch.
Any questions, please let us know.