BunnyHop Bike Wrap Installation Guide

The aim of our BunnyHop wrap is to make your bike your own creation, and set your bike apart.



Use the pre-cut decals to specifically fit your bike.  Clean your frame thoroughly to remove any dirt. Dry well.

Take your time to place the decals, the logo decals have been made about 1mm bigger than the original bike logos, it’s best not to stretch the vinyl, but on some curves you may need too.

The air release weave is designed to assist you to push bubbles out - so take your time and you’ll get a cracker of a result. You can peel and re-apply until it is smooth.

Once in place you want to apply pressure to stick the wrap to the frame, basiclly you’re flatening out the art channels. Start at the middle and push outward slowly, using a firm squeegee - flattening as you go.

Post heat the material. This will reset the vinyls memory (use a hair dryer if you don’t have a heat gun). Re-press when cool to ensure maximum adhesion. 

Do not wet wrap to apply. It should be applied with no water on a clean, dry surface.