Ryders Eyeware



100% UV PROTECTION Every RYDERS lens provides 100% protection from UVA, UVB, UVC + harmful, high-energy light to 400nm.  IMPACT RESISTANCE Polycarbonate is very strong and considerably more flexible than many lens materials. Unlike those made of more common, brittle materials, RYDERS lenses won’t shatter into dangerous little shards on impact. You don’t need to be an Ophthalmologist to understand why that’s important.  OPTICALLY CORRECT All RYDERS lenses are decentred, making them optically correct by eliminating distortion that contributes to eye fatigue.  SCRATCH-RESISTANT COATING This coating makes the lenses many times more scratch-resistant than Polycarbonate lenses on their own.  HYDROPHOBIC COATING This coating doesn’t allow water to rest on the lens, leaving clear lines of sight that are free from large drops and water marks. This coating also makes the lenses extremely easy to clean and provides additional scratch resistance.




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